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You are a faidit, a rebel Occitan lord from the 13th century. Develop your castrum - a fortified village - to face off the attacks of your adversaries, the crusaders and offer a refuge to the pursued Cathars.

With the help of your faithful friends, cross Cathar Country in search of items that you will be able to combine in your WORKSHOP to save the Occitan culture from destruction.

Castrum offers you:

-A HISTORY mode, playable anywhere at any time, during which you collect items to develop your castrum.

- A MONUMENT mode, playable only during your visit to the monuments of Aude, which lets you play geotagged mini games. You will need to visit 5 monuments to complete your quest.

Over the course of the adventure, you will be able to:

- Collect 54 items and craft close to 200 with them;

- Go into your INVENTORY to discover the items to craft;

- Win surprise rewards by visiting the 20 Cathar country monuments.

During your visit, you must complete 5 mini games: if you succeed, you unlock a legendary tool which is added to your collection.

Some examples of mini games:

- Catapult game: destroy the fortresses by discovering their weak points

- Flute Hero: play medieval melodies in time

- Matching game: find the right combinations

- Shooting game: eliminate your enemies via 360° immersion in the monuments

- The source of sign language: learn to speak like the monks of the Middle Ages

Castrum gives you the chance to immerse yourself in lavish settings by visiting the 20 Cathar country monuments off the beaten track, in the company of characters associated with the history of the Aude département.

The 20 monuments of Cathar country:


Aguilar castle

Arques castle

Montségur castle

Peyrepertuse castle

Puilaurens castle

Quéribus castle

Saissac castle

Termes castle

Villerouge-Termenès castle

Lastours castle


Alet-les-Bains abbey

Caunes-Minervois abbey

Fontfroide abbey

Lagrasse abbey

Saint-Hilaire abbey

Saint-Papoul abbey

Villelongue abbey


Castles and ramparts of the city of Carcassonne

Medieval city of Fanjeaux


Quercorb museum

Who are the Cathars?

Appearing around the year 1000, Catharism was a dissident Christian religion, originating from the East, particularly influential around Toulouse, Carcassonne, Béziers and Albi. The region therefore became a refuge for the Cathars when the Church pursued them during the Albigensian crusade, all the way to the heights of Montségur. It is this saga that the castles of Cathar country recount.

- Added a new popup at story mode end
- Inverted 2 mini games
- Fixed 2 artefacts uncraftables

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