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Devil House Escape: Hell Episode

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Become the poor human being trying to escape from the actual Hell full of demonic creatures and cursed souls! Fight with dexterous Imps, avoid meetings with cruel Demons and aggressive Archdemons and run away successfully in Devil House Escape: Hell Episode!

This place is really chaotic, it has torture chambers for the subtlest distortions on cursed souls! Do your best to run away from this chaotic monstrous place! Mind that these cruel demonic creatures will try to stop you and kick your spirit out of the body! Enjoy this horrifying atmosphere of Hell escape setting free the sinner’ souls, killing every monster of this chaos and fighting with cruel Archdemons!!

Don’t forget to mind your health indicator – if it drops too low, you’ll be dead in a second! Improve your battling skills and kill all your chaotic enemies! Watch your mini map to see, where the bosses and the doors’ keys are and prevent every sudden attack of noiseless Imps, crazy Demons, brutal Archdemons and other cruel monsters! Every Imp will always try to blow you from your back, so be careful and don’t push! Do your best and complete the mission - run away from this chaotic place of Devil House Escape: Hell Episode!

Earn points for successfully defeated enemies and power-up your health, endurance, strength and speed characteristics to escape from this hell! Don’t beat the sinners, because they are as poor as you are and even won’t strike back! Use different weapon and powerful Holy water to defend yourself and run!

Devil House Escape: Hell Episode features:

?\tUltimate demonic place escape simulator

?\tDifferent types of rivals and bosses

?\tWide range of different weapons

?\tRealistic 3D graphics

Don’t let the Demons unleash their apocalyptic fury! Survive from the attacks of aggressive Demons and angry Archdemons, beat up artful Imps, step over the defeated bodies of all your rivals and escape this awful place alive playing Devil House Escape: Hell Episode!

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