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Jupyter notebooks are a powerful tool used in education and research. You can write small snippets of Python code and observe the result on screen, combine with paragraphs of text, using Markdown.

Carnets provides a complete, stand-alone, implementation of Jupyter notebooks. Everything runs on your device, using the embedded Python interpreter; you do not need an internet connection.?You can chose between Jupyter notebooks and the more advance Jupyterlab using Settings.

Numpy, Sympy, Matplotlib, Pandas, lxml, bokeh, nbextensions (including ipywidgets) and many other packages are pre-installed. To see the full list of installed packages, type \"%pip list\" in a code window. You can add more packages using \"%pip install packageName\

- Updated to Notebooks v7: better user interface, more translations, better stability, fewer issues.
- Updated packages to their latest version.
- New \"home\" button : gets you straight back to the file browser.

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